Greeting Cards by Pamela Zagarenski

We believe in choosing words that encourage, promote peace, love and have lasting meaning. We believe in caring about each other, future generations and our incredible diverse planet including all of its creatures feathered, furred, finned, winged, four-legged and two.


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Last night as I was sleeping,

I dreamt—marvelous error!—

that I had a beehive

here inside my heart.

And the golden bees

were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old failures.

~Antonio Machado



A few years ago on the summer solstice I was stung by a bee on my third eye and immediately went into anaphylactic shock.

I saw “the white light.” Thank god someone was home and rushed me to the hospital, where I arrived unconscious. The dr.’s said I very lucky. My blood pressure was at the lowest measurable point, I was less than a minute away from dying.

After a long night in the hospital and a long recovery filled with the myriad of complications as the result of a body shutting down,

I was struck by the realization that one might fool themselves into thinking they have forever, even tomorrow for that matter, but you don’t. And life can be taken from us in a split second of time. Living dreams now. Today is the imperative.


That very BEE was my gift.


So I planned to gradually leave my full time job of 23 years. To have the courage to illustrate and create full time.

I started SACREDBEE with the idea of creating images and words together that could be shared. Like the Tear’s of Ra that fell to the earth and turned into bees, that then polinated the entire world.


The bees in my paintings and books are the diligent workers. The god’s of honey and community. They remind me of this incredible life.

They remind me to dream and to work hard.

I just choose to believe, just like when we are children. It is simply more fun to believe in the world's believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny...


So the bees, the fox, the whales the crowns and tea are my symbols. They inspire me and perhaps in their secret stories, they might now inspire you. To inspire children to discover and remember to look for the hidden treasures both in books and in our incredible world.


This is why I love art and illustrating and books. They are my magic. They are the vechicle by which I grow and learn. About myself and about the mystery of  life itself.